24m Tuna Long liner


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  1. General

This specification gives main technical conditions of a 24m tuna longliner such as performances, capacities, structure, outfitting, machinery and electrical equipments.

  1.1 General description

This vessel is designed and constructed to be a longliner with GRP construction single deck, long poop, raised deck at fore end, bulbous bow, trimmed by stern, single propeller, single rudder, and of stern-engined type, propelled by diesel engine, coupled to a propeller through single ratio gearbox.

This vessel has a cold seawater refreshing fish hold, fish catches are preserved in cold seawater at -1.4℃~-1.6℃. Cold storage chamber and bait hold both have a temperature of -18℃.

  1.2 Navigation area

This vessel mainly plies in Atlantic Ocean Area.

  2. Ship’s particulars

  2.1 Main dimensions

              L.O.A.          24.00 m

              L.B.P.          19.75 m

              B mld           6.80 m

              D mld           3.00 m

              Design draft     2.55 m             

  2.2 Capacities

             C.S.F.H.     abt. 45.00 m3

              C.S.C.        abt.30 m3

              F.O.TK        abt.46 m3

              F.W.TK        abt.20 m3

  2.3 M/E and Propeller

  2.3.1 M/E

             Marine diesel engine of KTA19-M600 type, one set (CUMMINS, CHINA)

             Max. power   600Hp

             Max. revolution   1800r/min

             Gearbox   CH4003J

             Reduction ratio   5.89:1

2.3.2  Propeller

   Propeller type: MAU, 4-blade

  2.4 Speed

 Trial speed under design conditions to be abt, 10 knots

  2.5 Endurance 

 Fuel oil, freshwater, provisions and supplies carried on board the vessel can meet the needs of 30 days sea endurance under normal conditions.

  2.6 Complement

 Ship complement: 16 persons.

  2.7 Stability

 This vessel’s stability complies with the requirements of BV Rules for ocean-going (taking no account of ice navigation) fishing vessels.

  2.8 Freeboard

 This vessel’s freeboard is 0.508m, satisfying the requirements of “International Loadline Convention (1992)”.

  2.9 General arrangement

2.9.1     Below Main Deck

                    Stern --- # 6  F.O.TK

                    #6--------#22   E/R                              

                      #22-------#29  C.S.C

                      #29-------#43  C.S.F.H.


                 #43-------#46  Upper part: Storage, Lo     wer part: F.W.TK

                      #46 --- Bow   Rigging Room

2.9.2     Double Bottom

                    #19-------#33     F.O.TK


                    #33-------#34   Void Spaces

                    #34-------#43     F.W.TK



  2.9.3 Long Poop

                      Stern --- #-1  Bait Store

                      Stern --- #1  With steering gear room in the middle

                      Stern --- #19  Accommodation area, engine casing, charger room, companionway etc.

                      #19-------#24   Freezing room

                      #24-------#43   Fishing deck area

Fore Raised Deck

               Fore raised deck serves as anchoring and mooring area.

2.9.3  Long Poop Deck

                     Stern --- #0  Fishing deck area

                     #0-------#7   Line hauler room

                     #16------#24  Captain’s room and wheelhouse


2.9.4    Compass deck is fitted with radar mast, navigation light etc,

2.9.5    Light mast is situated at longitudinal center of #43.

  3. Hull

  3.1 Structural Type

Hull structure of this vessel is designed according to “Rules and Regulations for Classification of Fishing Vessels” of BV. This vessel is of GRP construction, the hull is built of unsaturated polyester resin and GRP reinforcement material.

3.2 Materials for the Hull

The main part is constructed of GRP, the interior of cold seawater tank adopts stainless steel welding on site. Main deck and long poop open area to be laid with wooden deck of 55mm in thickness.

  3.3 Mode of Construction

 Mode of construction for this vessel shall be determined in combination with specific conditions of the yard.

  3.4 Hull Structural Member

      Refer to Basic Structural Plan and Midship Section Plan.

  4.  Outfitting

  4.1 Anchoring and Mooring Equipment

  Two 2-fluke anchors, 100kg each, are provided on board the vessel (one for spare). One anchor cable ofφ40 polypropylene rope, 190m long, fixed by single-cross bitt. Electric windlass and mooring winch is adopted.

  4.2 Rudder Equipment

  NACA0015 type double-bearing streamlined balanced rudder and one set of 16KNM oscillating electric-control hydraulic steering gear to be provided.

  4.3   Fishing Gear

  4.3.1 Arrangement


 Line casting machine is mounted at aft of long poop deck, fished catches will be picked up at middle part of main deck.

  4.3.2 Preservation Method

 Fish catches will be preserved in cold seawater tank, cold storage chamber and freezing room. Cold seawater tank will be maintained within -1.4℃~-1.6℃, cold storage chamber bait store at -18℃.


  One set of FCV-291 type colored fish detector

  4.4 Lifesaving Apparatus

  This vessel is equipped with two QJF-20 type inflatable liferafts, four lifebuoys and sixteen lifejackets.

  4.5 Firefighting Appliance

  Firefighting appliances shall be provided and fitted in proper positions as required.

  4.6 Air-conditioning Ventilation

 E/R is to be mounted with two mechanical ventilators, top of engine casing mounted with skylight and escape exit. Wheelhouse, captain’s room and deckhouse to be fitted with wall-mounted type air conditioner.

  4.7 Navigation Equipment

 Wheelhouse to be equipped with one set of gyrocompass autopilot, one set of electronic chart plotter, one set of radar and one set of emergency engine telegraph.

  4.8 Communication Equipment

 One single sideband radio station, one EPIRB, one VHF radio telephone set.

  4.9 Hatch & Manhole Covers

Engine casing is situated at main deck, with skylight fitted at corresponding position of long poop deck. Other small hatch & manhole covers to be fitted as needed.

  4.10 Ladder, Pedal, Railing

  Poop deck is fitted with vertical ladder for access to compass deck and line hauler room. Main deck is fitted with inclined ladder for access to E/R and wheelhouse. Water tank and oil tank to be fitted with pedals, forepeak tank fitted with vertical ladder, cold seawater tank, cold storage chamber fitted with portable/hanging ladder. Fore raised deck, navigation deck and compass deck to be fitted with railing

  5.  Compartment

  5.1 Cabin doors & windows

Except for line hauler room, doors opening to weather deck shall be of weathertight door. E/R, steering gear room, and galley shall be equipped with fire door, other compartments equipped with GRP and wooden door respectively. Wheelhouse to be fitted with aluminum rectangular window, other places with aluminum scuttles ofφ250 with deadlight.

  5.2 Deck covering

 Long poop deck and main deck shall be covered with 55mm thick planking, fore raised deck to be coated with anti-slip paint.

 Wheelhouse and captain’s room are to be covered with wooden floor.

      Compartments within accommodation area of main deck shall adopt fireproof covering of 50mm, flame retardant PVC flooring is to be applied to accommodation space and mess room additionally. Glley, washroom and bathroom floor to be applied with tiles.

  6.  Painting and cathodic protection

6.1    Chlorinated rubber series paint produced by IP Company is to be adopted.


Appropriate number of aluminum-zinc-indium sacrificial anode       protection to be provided in way of rudder and sea chest.


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