25.5 trawler

LOA: 25.50 m

LPP: 22.18 m

Breadth (B): 6.60 m

Moulded Depth (D): 3.29 m

Draught (D): 2.60 m

Displacement: 167.80 t

Crew: 8 p

Speed: 11 kn


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The vessel material is steel, with a double bottom, double deck, a single diesel engine, a single propeller. Used as trawler.



1. Ship Type, Purpose, Navigation Area

1.1. This vessel shall be of steel construction with double-deck, single bottom, forecastle, single engine, single propeller, single rudder. This vessel is designed to be a stern-engined trawler with fish hold at mid-forward.

1.2. Ice storage will be adopted for fresh-keeping for fish hold. Ice machine is provided.

  1. Classification Society, Rules and Regulations

2.1. Classification Society

Class of the vessel: drawing approval to be executed by BV, which the vessel is not registered with

Navigation area: offshore area

Flag: flag of convenience

 2.2. Rules and Regulations

The vessel shall comply with the following rules and regulations:

  International Convention on Loadlines (1966 and the latest Amendment)

  International Regulation for Tonnage Measurement (1969)

International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (2004, hereinafter referred to as “SOLAS”)

IMO Code fit for the vessel mentioned herein

International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at sea (1972) and 1981 Amendment

Conventions of International Labor Organization fit for the vessel mentioned herein

Rules for Classification of Steel Ships of BV (2006)

Special regulations of the vessel flag nation.

  1. General Performances

3.1. Main Dimensions

    Loa                     25.50m

 Ldwl                    23.48m

 Lbp                     22.18m

    B mld                    7.20m

    D mld                   5.29/3.29m

    Design draft              2.60m

    Displ.                   ~180.00t

    Camber                   0.10m

 F.S.                    0.50m

3.2. G. T.                   ~140 T  

3.3. Capacities

Iced wet fish hold            15 m3(n.v)

    F.O.TK                       m3

    F.W.TK                       m3

3.4. Service Speed

   Trial speed of the vessel in a brand-new state, no foul bottom, Beaufort wind scale not exceeding 3, designed to be abt. 11 knots.

3.5. Endurance Time

Fuel, freshwater, provisions etc. carried on board the vessel are sufficient for 30 days use.

  1. Stability and Freeboard

4.1. Intact stability of the vessel under various proper loading conditions complies with the requirements of BV Rules (2006) for trawler operating in offshore area (taking no account of icing).

4.2. Freeboard of the vessel complies with the requirements of Rules for fishing vessels.

4.3. M/E and Propeller

  Model No. of M/E    KTA19-M600 (CUMMINS CHINA) 1 set

  Rated power  447KW

  Rated revolution  1800r/min    

  Gearbox  HCD400A

  Reduction ratio  6:1

4.4. Propeller

Fixed ducted propeller to be adopted.

4.5. Complement

   This vessel has a complement of 6 persons, accommodation on board to be prepared for 6 persons.

  1. Basic Arrangement

5.1.             Division of Compartments

Four watertight bulkheads under main deck, which are situated respectively at #7,#21,#34,#39, divide the main hull into steering gear room (with fuel oil tank, water ballast tank at both sides), engine room (#7~#10, fuel oil tanks at both sides), iced wet fish hold, freshwater tank, forepeak tank (also serving as freshwater tank).

5.2. Wheelhouse is to be furnished with one single bunk. Forecastle to be furnished with one 4-bunk crew cabin and one single-bunk crew cabin, galley is situated at left side, freezing hold, sanitary space, store etc. to be at right side.

5.3. Fishing Operating Area

Main deck to be fitted with one winch (4-roller), stern bulwark to be fitted with stern roller to facilitate net hauling. Fishing net to be stowed from stern to #14. Fish hatch is situated at abt.#21~#23 (stbd side).

5.4.Awning deck to be fitted with ventilator, E/R funnel, stern light, towing light, inflatable liferaft etc.

5.5. Forecastle deck to be fitted with anchoring and mooring equipment at fore end.

5.6. Signal mast etc. to be fitted at compass deck.

  1. Hull Structure

This vessel is designed in accordance with Rules for Classification of Steel Ships (2006) of BV. The whole ship adopts welded construction, double-deck, transverse framing system. Frame spacing is 500mm, camber is 100mm.

Building material: BV A-grade steel for hull part and for section bar; stainless steel for awning deck, bulwark and wheelhouse; marine cast steel ZG200-400C for stern post.

7. Outfitting

7.1.  Anchoring and Mooring Equipment

Anchoring and mooring equipment for this vessel to be equipped as per requirements of BV Rules (2006). Outfitting number to be 104.

Two Hall’s anchors: 240 kg each;

Anchor cable : welded studded chain AM1-φ17.5×200m

Mooring rope: two pieces of three-stranded polypropylene rope sized φ30×110m;

Towing line: one piece of galvanized steel wire rope sized φ15×120m (6X37-15X170XⅠ-A-Class steel wire rope GB1102-74);

Six mooring bollards: C150, GB/T554-1996;

Eight fairleads.

7.2. Steering gear

Single rudder to be adopted for this vessel, that is, nozzle rudder, double-bearing streamline balanced type. One set of 16KN.m oscillating hydraulic steering gear is provided on board.

7.3. Lifesaving Appliances

7.3.1.One(83)QJF-YJ10 inflatable liferaft, with hydrostatic releaser.

7.3.2. Eight lifejackets, two of which are for working.

7.3.3. Two lifebuoys, of which one is with self-igniting light, the other with lifeline

  1. Firefighting Apparatus

8.1. Three sets of fire hose and box

8.2. Two fire barrels with rope

8.3. One fire ax

8.4. Two CO2 fire extinguishers, 9L each

8.5. Four dry powder extinguishers, 5kg each

8.6. Three fire hydrants

  1. Deck Fittings

9.1. Doors         

Two doors opening outside on back side wall of main deck and navigation deck to be of alloy type with door sill of 180mm high; E/R entrance to be fitted with watertight door with door sill of 600 mm high; Aft end bulkhead of forecastle to be fitted with watertight door with door sill of 380mm high

9.2. Windows

Side scuttles to be of φ300 light-duty watertight type, fore bulkhead of wheelhouse to be fitted with aluminum rectangular windows, the middle one to be furnished with snow wiper.

9.3. Hatchcove

Fore store room and steering gear room to be fitted with a total of two steel weathertight hatchcovers sized A630×630×H600(CB3728-1995). Fish hatch to be fitted with one GRP heat-insulation cover inside and one steel hatchcover (1000×900 x H450) outside. A total of thirteen marine manholecovers sized B500×400 (GB11628-1989) to be provided on board the vessel.

  1. Ventilation

E/R to be fitted with two mechanical ventilators,. Ship’s water tank, oil tank, rigging room and steering gear room etc. to be fitted with cap type ventpipe.

  1. Heat-insulation and covering

11.1. All accommodation spaces as well as wheelhouse adopt polystyrene for purpose of heat-insulation with thickness of 50mm.

11.2. Heat-insulation material for fish hold and freezing hold to be of self-extinguishing type polyurethane foamed on site. Outside bottom insulation layer is matchboard (miscellaneous pieces of wood) of 20mm, two layers of glassfiber are laid uniformly, as well as three layers of epoxy resin. Insulation layer to be covered with five-layer plywood all around, on surface of five-layer plywood is one layer of glassfiber, two-layers of epoxy resin to be coated respectively.

11.3. Fishing area on main deck to be covered with planking of 50mm.

11.4. Galley floor adopt cement of 30mm and covered with anti-slip tile. Galley wall and range adopt rock wool insulation covered with inferior light type stainless steel composite fireproof panel, galley ceiling to be of aluminum plastic gusset plate, sanitary bath equipment to be of unit-style.

11.5. Accommodation and wheelhouse floors to be provided with 10mm fireproof material covered with PVC flooring. Walls and ceilings adopt TC fireproof board facing.

  1.  Ship’s railing and handrail to be of galvanized steel pipe.
  2.  Ladder

Main deck to be provided with aluminum inclined ladder for access to forecastle deck and with E/R inclined ladder for access to E/R, forecastle deck and compass deck to be provided with steel vertical ladder, fish hold to be provided with one aluminum portable/hanging ladder.

14. Cabin Equipment

14.1. Wheelhouse to be furnished with conventional control console, control panel, communication & navigation equipment. One snow wiper on front end bulkhead, one chair. All-around view shall be achieved as applicable in wheelhouse. One single-bunk, one bedstand and one chart table to be furnished inside. Flag chest etc. to be prepared on site.

14.2. Galley is to be furnished with one electric range intended for 10 persons, one smoke exhauster, stainless steel sink with cold water tap, one set of combined cabinet made of fireproof board to be prepared according to galley location. One electric cooker, galley utensils and cutlery intended for 10 persons, one set of dinner table and chair.

14.3. Crew’s room to be furnished with single-bunk and double-bunk, both in quantity of two. Desk, chair and wardrobe to be prepared on site according to room size.

14.4. A total of six sets of bedding to be provided, each consists of: two sheets, one quilt, one blanket, two quilt covers, two pillows, two pillow cases, two grass mats (to cover the pillow and the bed respectively), one mattress.

15. Sacrificial anode cathodic protection

According to GB8841-88 “Design and Installation of Sacrificial Anode Cathodic Protection for Seagoing Vessels”, adequate number of zinc plates shall be fitted at proper position on exterior surface of shell plating in the vicinity of ship hull, rudder blade and propeller below waterline for prevention of electrochemical corrosion.

  1. Items not mentioned above shall be prepared on site according to the requirements of relevant national rules, regulations as well as the owner.

17. Painting

17.1. Descaling of the hull steel surface shall achieve Sa grade.

17.2. Chlorinated rubber paint shall be provided for exterior hull, water tank paint for freshwater tank, rustproof oil for oil tank, alkyd paint for interior hull.

18. Fishing gear

Fishing gear shall be prepared by the owner.



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