How to reach our shipyard:

When you reach Shanghai, contact us, we will arrange your remaining relax journey from Shanghai by our reception staff. So enjoy your trip to our yard.


We are located in island of Daishan, Zhoushan Archipelagoes, East China Sea, a place near to the anchor ground; it is also on the international navigation route for ships.Unfortunately, the area on Google Earth is covered by an unexpected cloud.

(N. Latitude 30° 17′ 30″, E. Longitude 122° 04′ 70″)


Daishan island enjoys a maritime climate, with an average temperature of 16.2℃ yearly. The hottest period is in August with an average temperature of 27.8℃, and the coldest in January with an average temperature of 6.4℃.

There is neither intense heat in summer nor cold in winter. Consequently, the yard and port are free of silting or freezing.


South and southeast monsoon in summer; north and northwest monsoon in winter. The average wind-force is grade 3, and for about 80 days during a year, the wind-force reaches up to grade 6-7 sometime, with little possibility of typhoon force winds.


The average annual rainfall is 1041 mm. The greatest amount of rainfall occurs in July and August, which totals 70 percent of the total annual rainfall.




  • Tugboats
  • Supply Boats
  • Bulk Carriers
  • Oil Tankers
  • Fishing Boats

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